Personal coaching is a journey of transforming your dreams into reality with a support of a personal coach. As the most intensive and productive tool, personal coaching begins with goal setting and culminates with meaningful and lasting results. Based on your needs, a personal coach creates a customized plan that helps you achieve your objectives in an effective and efficient manner. Successful people do utilize personal coaching and consider it an investment that benefits them professionally and personally.

Rewarding relationships, constructive interactions, mutual understanding, successful collaboration, trusting partnerships, romantic dating, determined leadership, happy parenting and beneficial networking — may all be achieved through personal coaching. Starting with the challenges in communication, most of our clients broaden their goals recognizing that the problems they encounter are intertwined with other areas of life. Taking your life to the next level is a fascinating process which will manifest tangible results.

naira velumyan
PhD in Psychology, Coach
Registered Psychotherapist,
Etiquette Expert, Entrepreneur,
Member of Forbes Coaches Council

With Naira Velumyan, as your personal coach you will benefit for the following reasons:

As a Coach, she provides forward-thinking strategies which untap potential and enable you to perform at the highest levels

As a PhD in Psychology and Registered Psychotherapist, she is able to work with origins of past and deep unresolved emotional pain

As a Certified Analytical Therapist, she incorporates symbolical context, bringing the subconscious mind into awareness

As a Certified Family Therapist, she explores family and relationship issues with the view that the “person” is a part of a bigger system

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, she includes relaxation and stress relief techniques in her work

As a Certified Psychodrama therapist, she focuses on actions and practical steps rather than words

As a Certified Etiquette Expert, she helps to create a personal brand and teaches mannerisms and etiquette necessary in today’s business and social world

As an Entrepreneur, she has the business skills to give real and sincere advice in entrepreneurial areas

Each coaching session includes At-home Educational Cinema Reviews which is based on watching a movie in a special manner. It gives a possibility to consolidate theoretical and practical knowledge and when implemented generates a deeper insight to the coaching. The effectiveness of this method is achieved through the inclusion of a visual channel of perception, emotionality of the image and ease of submission of material.
Personal coaching with Naira Velumyan is based on an integrative approach which embraces all spheres of life. With her, as your coach, the biggest benefit is an uncomplicated process, cost effective fee and a wholeness methodology. All coaching sessions take place face to face, via Skype or as a combination of these two options.
A FREE 30-minute session is offered as an opportunity to explore the issues for which you’re seeking support and to help you decide whether you’d like to go ahead.

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