Developing communicative competency, mastering the ability to understand one's self and others, effective use of verbal means of communication, interpretation of non-verbal signals, training of active listening skills, developing skills of conflict prevention and conflict resolution, acquaintance with social perceptions, developing individual communication strategies, practicing positive thinking, introduction to the rules of business etiquette, teaching good manners and restaurant etiquette.

  • Develop skills of cultural verbal communication
  • Teach the understanding of non-verbal communication
  • Form ideas about the effect of «the first impression»
  • Learn methods of conflict prevention and resolution
  • Get acquainted with the features of job interviews
  • Develop the ability to conduct small talk
  • Learn how to establish contact and build rapport
  • Teach the main elements of dress-code
  • Establish good manners and norms of business etiquette
  • Develop the ability to recognize and control emotions
  • Establish goodwill and positive thinking
  • Teach the ability of protecting personal boundaries
  • Develop creative and analytical skills
  • Form the skills of active listening and empathy
  • Educate the responsibility to create a personal image
  • Activate the process of self-reflection and self-presentation
  • Educate about the responsibility of creating a personal image

Extending over a period of five months, this program design includes a total of 20 lessons, held once a week with each lesson lasting approximately 60-90 minutes. The program includes team-business games, group discussions and verbal assignments. The recommended number of teenagers in a group is 4 or more with the maximum number having no set limit. Created for teenagers of 17 years and older, this program introduces the upper intermediate level of effective communication and develops emotional intelligence.