Essential communication skills for success in business

“The two words “information” and “communication” are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through” (Sydney J. Harris)

Successful careers are impossible without effective communication. Business communication is the sharing of information in order to achieve commercial goals. Business communication is formal, regulated and includes a wide range of aspects: spoken and written interaction, documentation and presentations, telephone calls, video calls and conferences, long distance and face to face meetings, and other. Selecting the appropriate way of communication in a business context is vital. There are two business communication systems: within organization and with third parties — partners, contractors or customers, bearing in mind both systems are essential for success. Each of which requires knowledge of special techniques and emotional intelligence. Internal communication depends on the type of company and its levels of hierarchy. It involves teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills. It’s important to avoid gaps in communication within an organization as it may negatively influence productivity of the entire system.

Presenting and negotiating are considered key business communication skills.

– To master presentation skills, you need to be confident while speaking in public and use your body language and non-verbal signals. Your information and ideas should be of interest and motivate the audience.

– Negotiation skills allow us to reach a mutually beneficial agreement which is attained when we understand our counterpart and manage our expectations. A good negotiator tends to seek “win-win” solutions and maintain positive future relationships.

– Active listening skills are also essential in negotiation as they help us to understand the emotional state of our counter-part. You need to know when to be more or less assertive, when to interrupt, or ask questions, and, what reaction is optimal.

– Written communication in business is usually subject to certain company rules and policies. Written documentation, such as reports, emails, or newsletters, should be concise, clear, and specific. Since written communication is highly informative, it should be focused on main points and include relevant data and examples.

– Another vital business communication skill is networking. A successful business cannot exist without partners and connections, and networking skills help build a large network of current and potential partners or people interested in your business. The more you network, the more opportunities you find.

– Last but not the least, when doing business in today’s world be aware of cultural issues in communication and ensure that they are taken into consideration.

Communication skills are the leading factors in business success, and there are many courses on the subject. However, most of the courses provide theory instead of the required more practical skills. And this is what we teach in our Academy — our mantra is “Words, supported by actions”. We believe in the synergy of reasonable verbal and non-verbal ways that allow building valuable connections, working in teams, persuading and finding solutions. More importantly, we share the methodology to make it happen!

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