2-Day Intensive Group Workshop includes 14 training hours on seven layers of communication we use everyday in all spheres of life — Body Language, Verbal Communication, Effective Listening, Building Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Personal Image, Manners and Etiquette.

2-Day Intensive Workshop
gives you the ability to:
Persuade and influence others
Resolve and prevent conflicts
Understand other people’s motives
Communicate with ease and freedom
Recognize and resist manipulation
Use your charm effectively
Approach any person with confidence
Know your strengths and weaknesses
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Did you know that…

of divorces and separations arise because of partners’ inability to talk to each other and negotiate?
of financial wealth depends on effective communication and only 15% on credentials?
of problems in relationships emerge from miscommunication and misunderstanding?
100% of participants after 2-Day Intensive Workshop notice changes in their relationships, resolve long-standing conflicts, communicate with greater outcome and confidence with everyone and everywhere
And what about you? Would you like to be the next success story?
Boring or interesting, conflicting or harmonic, happy or challenging, clear or messy… Communication and building relationships is a very subtle process that depends not from the people around you but mostly from your ability to understand and manage this communication.
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Day One

Immersing in visible and invisible levels of communication

Recognizing ten skills of successful communicators

Influencing through non-verbal techniques

Interpreting others and “speaking their language”

Modeling a positive environment in communication

Distinguishing inner barriers and strengths

Developing confidence and natural charm

Day Two

Making connections and becoming a networker

Establishing boundaries in the communication cycle

Effective positioning in communication

Identifying default styles in building relationships

Practicing effective requesting and refusing

Mastering the five principles of long-term relationships

Transforming conflicts into constructive dialogue

Advantages of the Intensive Model:
  • This method is suitable for those who need to master “Genius of Communication” Course in a short period of time
  • Taking into account the reduced training time, portions of the exclusive material are in printed form giving participants the ability to review material on their own schedule
  • This Course costs almost one-fifth of the price of Personal Coaching but still provides personal attention
  • Compared to weekly training, the intensity allows you to save travel time with only two round trips
  • The presence of a group atmosphere delivers a specific effect when practicing skills and receiving feedback

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