Magic word “Thank you” that makes our lives happier

Effective communication is a “final product” which consist of methods and techniques that help us to
reach communicative goals as quickly and as qualitatively as possible. These goals are closely
related to the basic functions of language.

The magic word “Thank you” exists in every culture. It doesn’t take much effort to apply it, but it
works 100% of the time with everyone! Do you remember any case when someone didn’t react to
your “Thank you” positively? There really are no such situations because people always like to be
appreciated. It enhances their mood and self-esteem, makes them feel stronger and more
confident. Gratitude is one of the forms of recognizing a person’s merits. Never think about the
amount of gratitude you give to people nor is gratitude something that is loaned — it’s an unlimited

Gratitude is actually a two-way street — it’s important not only for the person to whom it is
addressed but for those who are expressing the gratitude. First, when we receive help, we may
find ourselves in a seemingly dependent position, as if in debt. Sincere gratitude allows us to at
least repay the debt. Second, grateful people are liked by others. The simple word “thank you”
helps to build a warm and trustful relationships. There is a paradox: we are more willing to help not
the person who helped us, but the one who we helped before and who was rather thankful.
Did you ever have an experience whereby you sincerely thanked a person, and felt your mood
elevate? New research has revealed that the strategy of doing good deeds is an effective way to
becoming happier. And those who do these deeds regularly, feel happier for longer periods of time.
Another advantage of gratitude is the positive impact it has on self-esteem. When we say “Thank
you”, we begin to feel that there we are connected — the feelings that we experienced for the first
time many years ago as an infant, being nurtured by our mothers or those people who provided for

When practicing gratitude, there is a simple exercise that may help. In a special diary, on a daily
basis write down everything for which you are thankful. They may appear to be small or
insignificant, but they will help you to perceive everything positively. Undertaking this exercise for a
week will make you will feel more prosperous and happy, mentally and physically. Undertaking this
exercise for 30 days, will help you establish a new lifestyle.
One more tip, when performing this exercise, don’t forget to “thank yourself”. We are accustomed
to reproaching ourselves all the time — blaming, chastising, punishing and depriving. We rarely
take the time to look at ourselves and to appreciate who we are, our own accomplishments and
successes. Nevertheless, the appreciation from others should never be overlooked along with the
appreciation we have for ourselves.

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