• Do you know the secrets of creating a positive and lasting impression with each person you meet?
  • Would you like to attract attention and perform in the best possible way?
  • Are you happy with your personal image?
  • Do you know how to transform your identity into your greatest asset?
  • Do you plan on taking your business to the next level and meeting the “new players”?
  • Would you like to change your appearance but can’t find the motivation?
  • Do you need to be better at selling yourself?
  • Does your appearance accurately reflect your identity, your strengths, values and passions?

If you really want to impress and show your best “self” to the world, outstanding performance is no longer just enough. Self-awareness and being consonant with your individuality, are essential strategies that affect this process. Our purpose is to teach the technologies of brandingand to equip you with the practical tools of taking control of your personal image. Alignment of your personal image and your objectives creates a strong positive impression, generates valuable contacts and positively influences others.

By the end of this online video lesson you will know how to:
  • Distance yourself from the crowd and get noticed
  • Create a desired first impression
  • Keep yourself motivated and inspired
  • Build rapport through personal image and dress codes
  • Define what differentiates your individuality
  • Use key image factors for success
  • Enhance credibility with the right self-positioning
  • Generate positive feedback

4 Detailed mini-lectures

16 Educational charts and pictures

2 practical exercises

Unlimited access

Additional Bonus
  • Formula of confidence-development
  • Secrets of elegance
  • 7 Educational video clips

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Our programs are for you if:
  • you are introverted and find it difficult to communicate;
  • you are building a new business and need to develop leadership skills;
  • you are ambitious and want to have an advantage over others;
  • you are tired of misunderstandings and confusions in communication;
  • you want to improve your status and play in the “big leagues”;
  • you conduct negotiations and want to influence with more impact;
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  • you want to minimize challenges in communication and avoid conflicts;
  • you feel frustrated and anxious when meeting new people;
  • you need to strengthen your self-esteem and confidence;
  • you want to become a public figure and increase your influence;
  • you want to enjoy communication and be accepted in any company;
  • you agree that networking should be an integral part of your life.