Publications in the Global Achievers Magazine

Happiness, effectiveness, finding the right balance, setting your future plans, positive thinking, determination… In the Global Achievers Magazine I express my thoughts about common everyday events that help us to succeed and grow.

*** Finding the balance within (pages 24-27)

Did you know, that as recently as fifty years ago, society expected traditional behavioral reactions from each of us: women were assumed to be feminine and men masculine. Their interactions were complimentary, and being single…

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*** A New Year every day… (pages 31-33)

For me, every day is a holiday, every day is precious and it’s been almost ten years that I have chosen to live this way. Some people are waiting for Monday, for the first day of the month or the New Year…

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*** What is in your backpack? (pages 14-17)

Imagine a man or a woman moving from point A to point B with a light backpack. The weather is seasonable, sun is shining, and our person while joyfully walking is enjoying the surrounding views and birds’ songs…

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*** Stop for a moment and look around! (pages 26-29)

We’re all surrounded by people — those of whom we love or not, appreciate or not and need or not. Look into their faces, what do you see? Being a psychotherapist, coach and entrepreneur, involves communication with many different people…

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*** Where Is Timeliness And Appropriateness On Your List? (pages 27-30)

Timeliness and appropriateness are my favorite principles in the psychology of success. Today much is written about how to get to the “top of Olympus” and the different strategies involved. From my point of view, all strategies are secondary…

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*** Previous credentials or future performances — What really matters? (pages 24-27)

Our life flow consists of three parts — past, present and future. The past is a collection of encounters, challenges and achievements that have shaped who we are now. At this point, we are hopefully making plans that include a bright future with much happiness…

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