Become a Genius of Communication through our course of seven comprehensive online video lessons that deal with the key elements of what the best communicators utilize:

  • Body Language
  • Verbal Communication
  • Effective Listening
  • Building Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Image
  • Manners & Etiquette

Good communication skills are critical in all aspects of life, whether it’s seeing friends, interacting with colleagues or meeting with unknown people. Constantly communicating in our daily life doesn’t necessarily mean being competent at it. What’s important is effective communication and avoiding failures which may occur at home, at work and in our social life. Unfortunately, we have never been taught how to communicate and if so the teachings themselves, may have been from poor communicators.


Note: Each online video lesson may be viewed independently at any time that suits your needs; once purchased, you receive unlimited access.

  • the leading psychological theories on human personality and behaviour, interpersonal communication, motivation, social perception, positive psychology and self-awareness practices
  • experience of the world’s famous leaders and billionaires Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, Adi Tatarko and many others
  • 22-years of coaching and psychotherapeutic practice of our founder Naira Velumyan, Doctor of Psychology, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Etiquette Expert and Art Consultant

Genius of Communication online video course includes:

  • 30 Detailed mini-lectures
  • 20 Psychological theories
  • 58 Educational video clips
  • 78 Educational charts and pictures
  • 26 Practical exercises
Length: 7:44:35 min

Note: Each online video lesson may be viewed independently at any time that suits your needs; once purchased, you receive unlimited access.


Body Language 4 Chapters 1:07:26

Four basic rules of interpretation; Micro-expressions for lie-detecting; Five powerful shades of voice; Reading of facial expressions; Decoding gestures and postures; Technology of influence; Signals of flirtation and sexuality; Self-regulation through body

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Verbal Communication 4 Chapters 1:12:03

Positive verbal feedback signals; Correct and inappropriate compliments; Words that change lives; Small talk essential strategies; Six rules of verbal etiquette; Transformation of black & white thinking; Conversation openers and closers; Four basic functions for success

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Effective Listening 4 Chapters 1:04:18

Four modules of listening; Building rapport and trust; Non-verbal signals of listening; Empathetic engagement; Three techniques of active listening; Developing skills of silence; Barriers to effective listening; Effective questioning skills

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Building Relationships 5 Chapters 1:12:24

Three levels of communication; Foundations of healthy relationships; Strength and priorities assessment; Origins of misunderstandings; Subconscious family patterns; Strategies of safe co- existence; Benefits of effective networking; Room for improvement

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Conflict Resolution 4 Chapters 0:59:49

Rules and pre-conditions of negotiations; Common stimulus of conflicts; Constructive versus destructive conflicts; Five strategies of handling with conflict; Techniques of de-escalation; Emotional ways of reacting; Three levels of communication; Effects of collaborating strategy

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Personal Image 4 Chapters 0:55:57

Concept of personal image; Effects of social perception; Three levels of first impression; Key elements of personal image; Seven rules of self-presenting; Dress codes for men and women; Power of personal beliefs; Visibility of positive thinking

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Manners & Etiquette 5 Chapters 1:12:38

Greeting, introduction and farewell rules; Art of the handshake; Hosting and gifting; Dining etiquette; Silent service codes; American and European cutlery options; Business etiquette; Usage of a linen napkin

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Daily Motivational Assignments 49 Days = 7 Weeks

Everyday instructions for practicing seven layers of communication — Body Language, Verbal Communication, Effective Listening, Building Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Personal Image, Manners and Etiquette. Each week is a new layer.

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Our programs are for you if:
  • you are introverted and find it difficult to communicate;
  • you are building a new business and need to develop leadership skills;
  • you are ambitious and want to have an advantage over others;
  • you are tired of misunderstandings and confusions in communication;
  • you want to improve your status and play in the "big leagues";
  • you conduct negotiations and want to influence with more impact;
  • you are tired of being misunderstood and not accepted;
  • you are tired of loneliness and desire to build a healthy relationship;
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