When your tongue is your enemy

The images (paintings, sculptures, photographs) that surround us, have a significant impact on our lives and may form a favorable or unfavorable energy field, bearing in mind words impact as well. What do you think — will our state of mind and mood change if we look at a bouquet of flowers or a skull? Although this is a common example, things in life are much deeper and I accord special attention to them in Psycho-Art Counselling.

Inevitably each day includes communication with a large number of people, the most “talkative” people are utilizing 45 thousand words a day while the more silent” type — 500. On average, women say 15-20 thousand words a day, men — 7 thousand. Notting the difference in word usage, think about common phrases such as He keeps silent all the time,” “We have nothing to talk about,” “He ignores me,” and so on, that inherently sow the seeds of conflict.

I have a favourite expression — The images around us shape our life! With respect to words “We are what we say” by reason that words shape our present and future. The German psychotherapist Nossrat Pezeschkian stated that words are a powerful tool for self-programming and showed that practically every person who uses destructive words in their vocabulary may suffer from psychosomatic diseases. I am not quite so categorical about the power of this one factor but do agree that these negative words have a strong influence.

Nossrat Pezeschkian called his discovery “The organic syndrome of speech” and here are some examples: My head is exploding! It’s a pain in the neck! I was sick of that! It’s stabbed me in the heart! I burned myself out! I am on my last leg and so on. Moreover, there is a list, connecting these expressions with diseases, namely

To break one`s heart; to cry your heart out — myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Something is gnawing at me; to poison somebody`s life; it sickens me to death — cancer

To sneeze at somebody; to take one`s breath away; you cut off my oxygen — bronchial asthma and hyperventilation syndrome

To bite one`s head off; to scratch one`s head — migraine and meteosensitivity.

There are many other expressions or words that lead to anorexia nervosa, osteohondrosis, liver problems, obesity, gastric-ulcer, urological problems, high blood pressure, skin diseases and allergies, hearing loss, blood diseases, depression and problems with eyes.

There is only one solution — stop using these expressions or words and to apply this you need to train your awareness in speech. This training takes place in our academy but is also something you can employ yourself which includes the following — hanging a list of these words everywhere in your house as a reminder; asking your friends to notify you when you say these words; using a method of self-reward for not using these words and so on. Such is the case, when your creativity may literally save your life, so be healthy and creative!

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