“I know how it feels being introverted, I know how it feels being alone, I know how it feels being underestimated, I know how it feels being not understood and I know how to turn it around”

Dr. Naira Velumyan - Founder

Our Values

● Responsibility ● Personal Growth ● Respect ● Appropriateness ● Timeliness ● Positive Thinking ● Transformation

Who We Are?

The Academy of Social Competency was created by Naira Velumyan, PhD, Forbes Coach on Effective Communication and Relationship Building, Registered Psychotherapist, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Etiquette Expert and a Founding Member of Immigrant Women in Business (Toronto, Canada).

A criminal lawyer by first education, Naira shifted into psychology, believing more in the power of transformation and personal growth over punishment. With a PhD in Psychology and 22 years of expertise in personal and group coaching, she works in designing best in-class communication training programs for those who are interested in developing their communication and relationships and building effective communication skills for success and prosperity. Naira has trained hundreds of people and addressed hundreds of family cases through her communication courses in Toronto.

Dr. Velumyan is the author of Ready-to-go Programs for Trainers who work with children and teenagers developing their social-emotional and communication skills. All programs are complete with a business plan and work as a franchise-like model.

Naira’s professional hobby is art. Possessing a degree of Art History and Critics, she integrates symbolism of art within her coaching practices. Naira is a successful entrepreneur with 25-years of experience in business, who believes in the power of collaboration and leadership.
Dr. Velumyan currently lives in both Canada and Russia.

What we do?

● We provide an all-inclusive online communication courses for individuals to improve their communication and relationship building social skills in 49 days

● We educate trainers and equip them with franchise-like Ready-to go Programs to start their own business in coaching children and teenagers social-emotional skills

● We continue to develop specific online webinars which help a person to be happy in the most significant areas of life — parent-child, couple and professional relationships

● We teach conflict management on an advanced level to maintain tough negotiations, defend for manipulators and apply win-win strategies

● We work with businesses to make their corporate communication effective and efficient through our basic communication skills training

Dream Big with Naira Velumyan