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Academy of Social Competency is a comprehensive training and learning platform designed to develop social skills and educate people from all over the world to be successful in Communication and Building Relationships. Competency on a social level is confident and effective communication that’s required every day. Our ability to listen, clearly communicate our thoughts, understand the hidden messages of others and choose the most effective way of interaction enables us to build healthy relationships. These basic communications skills influence our personal and professional lives.  A well-known fact is that the majority of conflicts and break-ups are attributable not to insurmountable contradictions but to a banal inability to communicate. And how many people have introduced loneliness into their life simply because they hesitate talking to another person! It’s no surprise that one of the leading factors in the professional growth of an individual or an entire company is an effective system of communication. Simply put, the ability to communicate effectively is a necessity for everybody.

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Our communication skills training curriculum is designed to reflect the needs required in all spheres of life, whether you are a business owner, parent, spouse, lover, employee, teacher or student. The main outcomes clients receive from our trainings are:

  • Transforming short-term relationships into long-term
  • Achieving personal goals through effective communication
  • Creating a networking circle and business contacts
  • Enhancing and developing personal and close relationships
  • Increasing self-confidence and ability to influence others
  • Coping with loneliness and introversion

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July 13, 2020


The proof is in our practice

1. Our programs are designed for all ages, from 2 to 120 years.
2. Learning with us makes your confidence stronger, communication better and relationships happier.
3. We adhere to established psychological theories and evidence-based coaching.
4. Our programs include multi-functional teaching methods (lectures, video clips, audio files, visual materials and self-study exercises).
5. We provide customized solutions for intra-business and inter-business relationships.
There are many possibilities to develop your communication and relationships for a better tomorrow. Remember, it’s your life and you have the power to change it now. Communicate, Connect and Prosper: our knowledge, experience and practice will help you to shape your life in a better and more successful way.

What People Say



“Having analyzed my communication before the course, I could see this was something that I really needed. I learned the technology of how to attract people, manage the conversation in the right direction and avoid unpleasant consequences. This knowledge is just great for my effective communication.”



“After completing the course, my circle of contacts has expanded and has become more vivid and positive. I pushed myself step-by-step to do the exercises and now I have the ability to acknowledge my mistakes and correct them.”



“Thanks to the course, I learned how to pay attention to the person with whom I communicate. There are so many interesting people around me that I did not notice before, and, more surprisingly, all these people are open for friendship and cooperation. Also I just entered into a relationship.”



“ I finished the course and this is a real achievement for me. By nature I’m shy, indecisive and constantly doubting. I’ve been using the course for two months and I feel much more confident that is noticed by many. I look forward to attending events and don’t hide anymore. ”



“ Now, it is easier for me to communicate with my family members, there are less misunderstandings and conflicts. I am practicing the course’s tips every day and I can say that my perception has changed — I’m more attentive to words, I try to correctly send my non-verbal messages and listen attentively. ”