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Due to the increase in communication, emotional and behavioural problems of children and teenagers, there is a growing need in social-competency programs. A few in-school or after-school programs have already been established, however the majority of them are targeting one specific type of problem behaviour or a particular skill. As well, these programs do not include families and parents who play a significant role in the teachings and interactive learnings of social-emotional competency. To address the increasing needs for social competency among today’s youth and provide a comprehensive curriculum for developing their communicational and emotional intelligence, we created a set of Programs for Trainers interested in working with children and teenagers.

Our Program Options

Our Business Accelerator Program for Trainers are available in two options — for established individuals/organizations and for beginners in self-employment coaching careers who ask themselves “What type of business should I open”. For beginners we provide mentorship, along with a business plan, entrepreneurial counselling and promotion.

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Running a business is challenging, exciting and rewarding and may provide freedom and independence. However, as with any enterprise business management involves time and effort. In services for children and teenagers, this may also require specific skills. Some of these skills are "must have", some can be trained, some gained along the way, and some may be outsourced. We are here to help you develop and manage the needed skills for starting your business and making it profitable.

What makes us different?

Our Business Accelerator Program for Trainers are designed for those interested in helping children and teenagers develop their emotional intelligence and social skills. As well, we address other skills that support adequate self-positioning, such as an appropriate look, good manners and dining etiquette.

Our Business Accelerator Program for Trainers are segmented for training children of 2+, 4+, 7+, 12+ and 17+ years old. These Programs will guide you in gradually developing the early, primary, basic, intermediate and upper intermediate skill-sets for children’s social-emotional competency.

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A Franchise-Like Model is created for Trainers helping children and teenagers to build effective communication within their own circles and develop new behavioral skills. Our program encompass five age groups and are aligned with children’s physical, intellectual, social-emotional needs and developmental characteristics. These Programs are built on the Zone of Proximal Development concept (ZPD) which is based on developing skills that children are close to mastering with the encouragement of a skilled guide. The concept suggests that a good learning materializes through leadership where an adult can challenge the children to motivate learning at a level that is slightly ahead of the child’s current capacity.
There are five comprehensive Programs for the 2+, 4+, 7+, 12+ and 17+ age groups which: Train communication skills Teach body language interpretation Develop manners and basics of etiquette Improve social-emotional competency Master self-reflection and confidence Each Program includes : A Business Accelerator Program Trainer’s Toolkit with detailed Lesson Plan comprised of warm-ups, role-playing, physical activities, individual assignments, practical exercises, group discussions and team building Visual Materials Effective and Ready-to-go Parent-Child Communication Training Business Plan with a Step-by-Step guidance The Genius of Communication Course Effective Professional Communication Webinar Series
All our Programs are packaged with Parent-Child Communication Training. This is a practical framework to stimulate a positive role of the family and develop parental competency in relationships with children of any age group. This Training equips the parents with strategies of building strong, respectful and meaningful relationships within families. It creates an experience in a group setting to find new and effective solutions for “old” problems of parenting, learn how to produce a positive emotional environment, strengthen parent-child communication and explore alternative conflict resolution techniques. The three levels of the Training function include: Diagnostic — provide an understanding of ineffective relationship stereotypes and their influence on children and teenagers Informative — educates in the effective models of communication and the importance of family involvement in social-emotional child development Transformative — actualize self-reflection, reinforces mutual understanding, helps in overcoming the challenges of childhood maturation and broadens the repertoire of competent reactions.