Rewarding and challenging, intriguing and confusing, passionate and uncertain — the pathway of couple relationships can be full of ups and downs… until you learn how to maintain balance and head in a right direction.

This season we launch seventeen webinars with practical tools that embrace the topics emerging around couple relationships: how to look at differences, choose “your” partner, succeed on a first date, overcome inner fears, identify expectations, build the relationship of your dreams, establish your rights, develop your sexual life, navigate through crisis, strengthen compatibilities, start a new chapter after separation and proceed safely through divorce. In one word, how to survive in Couple Relationships and flourish.

Who are these webinars for?

Married or single, interested in building or re-building relationships, looking for love or to be loved, trying to save a marriage or working on changes.

** Webinars include analysis of real cases.

Why 97% of men and women do not understand each other?
  • Social and biological factors that bring couples together and keep them apart
  • Differences in perception, communication, reaction and thinking
  • Strategies to overcome gender differences and speak one understandable language
All about Relationships — the Five Rules, Four Stages and Three Scenarios…
  • Principles which help to maintain our relationships and the magic of the A + B = C “love formula”
  • Advantages and disadvantages of relationship stages
  • Effective ways to prevent developing negative scenarios
How to bring your “Love Boat” to the harbor of your values
  • Positive and negative outcomes of the “love experience”
  • Yin and Yang model that shows the balance of complimentary and opposing forces
  • Personal criteria of happy relationships
  • Action plan and steps of implementation
Right Motivation: What do you want? What do you do?
  • Three-question circle for self-assessment
  • The “whys” of having relationships and the advantages of togetherness
  • Dreams, intentions and actions — what is the difference and how to make things happen
How to build happy relationships with a broken heart…
  • Retrospection and pinpointing “Today’s Self”, the five elements of our identity
  • Recognizing our potential through the “Prospective Self”
  • A story of transformation — practical steps from betrayal to building new relationships
The fifteen qualities of a “best partner”… chasing ghosts or writing a fairy-tale?
  • Five dimensions of the right choice
  • Making a list of criteria — pros and cons
  • Exploring difference between having a partner and having a great partner
  • Analyzing personal preferences and understanding priorities
Integration of Awareness and the “Rose-colored” glasses
  • Attraction stage in relationships and its possible scenarios
  • Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual spheres — how to develop self-awareness for each
  • The golden rule of responsibility
  • Concept of freedom in happy and healthy relationships
Why do 50% of people fail on their first date? Action plan for successful first dates…
  • Four coping strategies that create relaxation and confidence
  • Six stages of your first date with recommendations for best outcomes
  • Seven communication skills that will make your first date successful
Sexual Attraction, Sex, Sexual Relationships, Sexuality — solving the puzzle
  • Sexual attraction and the different attitudes of men and women towards it
  • The role of sex in different types of relationships
  • Three functions of sexual relationships, five elements of sexuality and why some couples may be dissatisfied with their sex
Happily Married? How to make your relationship valuable for each other?
  • The difference between a happy couple and unhappy couple, analyzed through the formula of I + You = We
  • Enthusiasm stage — three scenarios of establishing mutual values
  • The seven steps on how to transform disagreements into mutual understandings
The hidden power of questions in happy and healthy relationships
  • The five outcomes of asking questions in couple relationships
  • Practical tools for transforming “asking” into effective “questioning”
  • Rules of questioning and the seven basic steps to make your communication create happiness
Sexual and emotional compatibility. Without it, what type of dissatisfaction is created?
  • Strategies to strengthen relationships in the Habituation stage
  • Principles of sexual and emotional compatibility, self-assessment practical exercises and setting goals
  • Practical tools of compatibility development
More about Compatibility: once upon a time… a beautiful story of transformation…
  • Intellectual, social and spiritual harmony in relationships
  • Critical areas of compatibility, exploring your “togetherness”
  • Two actual cases and basic steps towards transformation, mutual understanding and happiness in your relationships
Is there happiness after removing the rose-colored glasses? Refreshment recipes…
  • Strategies on how to maintain romantic relationships during the Expectation stage
  • Igniting your passion with resourcefulness and communication
  • Working on a mutual couple’s vision via the wheel of balance model
Myths that poison relationships and how to transform past mistakes into a bright future…
  • Truths and lies about the most popular myths on relationships and mechanisms of their formation
  • How to benefit from each love story and avoid mistakes
  • Small steps of communication that establish big results
When a relationship is broken — choosing between restoration or separation…
  • Natural process of individuality and its consequences
  • Crisis periods and why during conflict men operate differently than women
  • A real story of reconciliation, is there any chance to save love and live happily ever after?
How to survive and weather divorce — recognizing a deadlock, three excuses of not reacting and the stages of adaptation
  • Ten signs of a pivotal point and when the line is not crossed yet
  • Differentiating crisis from the end of love
  • Typical excuses of staying in unhealthy relationships
  • Five stages of adaptation after divorce and basic strategies to become happy again


  • PhD in Psychology
  • Coach on Effective Communication and Building Relationships
  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • Etiquette Expert
  • Entrepreneur
  • Founding member of Immigrant Women in Business Association (Toronto, Canada)
  • Founder of the Academy of Social Competency
  • Speaker on Effective and Positive Change communication
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