Our Partners

At our Academy, we believe that collaboration is a top priority for promoting the value of effective communication and making a difference in society. To actualize our beliefs, we team up with the companies and high-impact nonprofits serving the needs of communities

Our successful partnerships help us access more resources, explore new strategies and develop solutions to provide qualitative and affordable training in improving communication skills, leadership and self-confidence for children, teenagers and adults.

To explore more opportunities or partner with us on various projects, download more information by clicking on the button below. Alternately, you can email at and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

Community Partner: Immigrant Women in Business (IWB) 

Location: Toronto, Ontario


IWB is a non-profit social enterprise that helps women to successfully address the reality of entrepreneurship and build up their positive impact in society. The logic of IWB stands on the foundation that women are stronger together in making the world a better place through innovative approaches and leadership. “Giving spirit” is the resounding theme of the organization, which actualizes in providing various mentoring, training and coaching programs for communities.

Dr. Naira Velumyan’s association with IWB started three years ago when she became its Founding Member and one of the most visible and inspiring leaders of the IWB community. Through her expertise, she helped immigrant women to grow their competencies in their personal and professional lives.  Smart Hats Youth Program is a partnership project, recently launched to support teenagers of 12-20 years old in their successful transition to the adult world and further develop their self-confidence, communication, and public speaking skills.

Digital Marketing Partner: Chinali Shah

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia  

Instagram: @DigitalChinali

Chinali Shah’s digital marketing consultancy delivers the best solutions for ambitious small and medium-sized businesses. The consultancy’s mission is to provide purpose-driven digital marketing strategy with speed and agility. Utilizing in-depth knowledge and innovative technologies, Chinali helps businesses to increase brand presence and leads, generated by their websites through ROI-focused digital marketing. 

Collaboration between the organizations stemmed from the casual meeting of Dr. Naira Velumyan and Chinali Shah at one of the networking events which further developed into a long-term business relationship. The consultancy started with creating a digital brand for our Academy of Social Competency, then built a multi-page website equipped with an effective e-commerce store that successfully ranks, converts and sells programs. 

Multimedia Partner: Arkadiya TV

Location: Toronto, Ontario


Arkadiya TV is a studio that has extensive experience in promotional and marketing films production from top to bottom. The studio’s main goal is to deliver a complete video service in making their clients’ brands visible and outstanding. It’s a working process from the conception stage to post-production, which results in an attractive, emotional and powerful message that addresses the target audience. 

Our partnership with Arkadiya TV started a few years ago, with the creation of short introductory clips along with promotional presentations and comprehensive video courses, resulting in high engagement of users. Throughout these years, Arkadiya TV has generated more than 150 short and long videos for the Academy. The next step in our collaboration is launching a Live Youtube show “The New U” which will be tailored to improve confidence in women and change their lives for the better.