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This program for youth is created by Dr. Naira Velumyan, Founder of the Academy of Social Competency, Ph.D. in Psychology, Forbes Councils Member, Psychotherapist, International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Etiquette Expert.

The program teaches communication, public speaking and self-promoting — the imperative skills for success. Teenagers and young adults struggle most with the lack of these skills. Studies show that nearly 75% of them experience a lack of courage for self-presenting regularly, which affects their productivity and social life.

As an introvert herself, Dr. Velumyan understands these challenges very well, having been in the same shoes many years ago. Since then, she has made a powerful effort to personal transformation and has trained hundreds of introverts to change their lives for the better. Her biggest dream has long been to create a comprehensive group training program for youth to equip them with the skill-set needed for successful performance in the future. Today, with launching this program, her dream is becoming a reality.

For this Program, Dr. Velumyan formed a team of nine experienced coaches, each responsible for a different module. The underlying principle of the program is to evolve from a non-verbal (hence, less stressful) module, then gradually increase the challenges, culminating in teamwork and practicing individual on-stage presentations. The cornerstones of the program are high-quality education and affordable price.

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