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An excellent opportunity for teenagers transitioning into the adult world! Enroll in the program to master communication, experience independence, gain confidence and build friendships.


The Smart Hats Program is an absolutely new and innovative nine-month program for 12 to 24-year-olds to grow their leadership, self-confidence, communication and public speaking skills.

We recognize that COVID-19 has impacted our youth in many ways. We look forward to improving their social-emotional competence by providing education that develops responsibility, self-sufficiency, stress-resilience, communicability and way more — so that they are ready for the challenges ahead.

Our program is a unique blend of education and entertainment (edutainment) technologies that make our learning process effective, active and engaging. Each lesson is based on group discussions, case studies, debates, pair and teamwork, guided by professional trainers. During nine months, students will master nine real-life skills of utmost importance for their future. Each lesson is based on group discussions, case studies, debates, pair and teamwork, guided by professional trainers. After these nine practical months, all students will have a chance to apply acquired skills on-stage before a real audience. Public activities will include Impromptu Speech, Stage Presence and Competitive Debate.

Upon completion, each student will graduate with improved self-esteem and social skills, knowing how to present themselves and influence others in the best ways, both verbally and non-verbally.

How will our program change lives?

The program is delivered in partnership with Immigrant Women in Business (IWB) in Toronto.

The program offers a curriculum, modelled after our adult Genius of Communication and Top Notch Self-Confidence courses, and includes:

  • Developing Essential Skills such as communication, public speaking, confidence, resilience and self-awareness.
  • Gaining 21st-Century Skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and leadership.
  • Obtaining Life-Long Skills through learning in a diverse environment, meeting students of different cultures and nationalities, building positive and lasting friendships with peers.

About the Program

Time: Classes are semi-intensive — one 12-hour module per month.

One-Time Enrolment Fee: $135.60 ($120 + HST)

Location for in-person groups: 722 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto, M3H 2S8

Each Group size: 12 participants max

Certification: At the end of the program, all students will be awarded with certificates of completion.

Coaches: To deliver the best quality of training, we have clear criteria for the coaches we collaborate with. Each of them is a true “star” with an outstanding personality who maintains leadership within their community and is highly professional. They are also the Founding Members of the Immigrant Women In Business organization, successful entrepreneurs, great networkers and powerful speakers.

Registration: To register for the program, please fill out the form, and one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly.

Overall Cost (including enrollment fee, classes and extracurricular activities): $1,356 ($1,200 + HST)
The program makes every effort to be accessible to everyone, and we understand that the cost may be a challenge for many families. To help with the program cost, there is a three-instalments payment plan available for our students.

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Our 9 Month Modules

The total price of each module is $135.60, including HST.

Month #1: Body Language (12 hours — $120 + HST)

The way we say something is even more important than what we say!

Body language is the basis of self-presentation, given that 93% of our communication is non-verbal. Our posture, facial expressions and gestures create an impression about us well before we say a word. When it comes to presentation, our body language, along with intonation and confidence can enhance or diminish the power of our speech.

This course will teach you how to build an effective presence and be more influential in social settings.

Month #2: Self-Confidence (12 hours — $120 + HST)

Self-confidence is essential for your success!

There are many situations when even being well prepared for the speech, something happens, and we cannot deliver the message. We know what to say and how to say it, but we experience feelings from slight anxiety to paralyzing fear and panic, which prevent us from performing effectively. These feelings are very common and can be overcome through cultivating self-belief and dealing with our inner critic.

This course will increase your self-esteem and boost your confidence.

Month #3: Storytelling (12 hours — $120 + HST)

Storytelling is a powerful tool of influence; however not all stories can be influential!

A good story is designated to persuade, and there are essential steps to get to the point. First, you need to find a story and attach a meaning to it. Second, you should know the techniques of captivating an audience’s attention while delivering your story. Finally, you need to make your presentation dynamic and engaging.

This course will equip you with the skills to use the power of storytelling.

Month #4: Acting (12 hours — $120 + HST)

Is acting only for actors?

When it comes to acting, many think that this skill relates only to actors; however acting skills are utilized almost every day — we apply our imagination, convey emotions, assume different roles, show mannerisms, etc. The biggest goal is to be authentic in this performance and at the same time, get the desired perception through body language and voice.

During this month, you will be able to liberate yourself from social conditioning, explore your natural strengths and actualize your charisma.

Month #5: Communication (12 hours — $120 + HST)

Effective strategies to Communicate and Prosper

Communication skills transform our personality, making us considerate, positive and collaborative with others, and are closely interconnected with public speaking abilities. They are based on the same verbal communication and interactive strategies, with a slight difference: public speaking fosters short connections by mostly one-way message delivery. Communication itself is a two-way process for both short and long connections.

Delivered by the Academy of Social Competency, this course helps to grow your social competence and equip you with communication strategies for successful day-to-day life.

Month #6: Personal Image (12 hours — $120 + HST)

Personal image is tailored to a tidy appearance and small details that create a favourable impression!

Visual impact is as significant as verbal and non-verbal language, while at the same time it’s the easiest one to change. It doesn’t mean that we need to spend enormous amounts of money or hire professional stylists; personal, personal image is based on knowing and emphasizing our strengths.

During this course, you will learn how to present yourself in a winning position and explore the principles of timeliness and appropriateness.

Month #7: Public Speaking (12 hours — $120 + HST)

If you want to be successful, be visible!

Whether we are highly talented or great experts or none, we still need to show our value in front of the audience, and no matter how big the audience is, delivering the message is essential. It is possible through public speaking. Moving into the adult world, teenagers gradually get involved in a “bigger game” where the rule is simple — if you want to be successful, be visible.

This course will package the skills developed through previous months and teach the basics of self-introduction, engaging the audience and keynote presentation.

Month #8: Stress Management (12 hours — $120 + HST)

Resilience and self-control is a top skill for personal and professional advancement!

Being successful socially includes facing various stressful factors. Even the most advanced speaker may encounter unexpected challenges in public speaking — equipment failures, people being late, the speech notes were forgotten, etc. Whatever the challenge is, the speaker should stay calm and maintain balance, and there are many ways to remain in control.

This course will improve your emotional intelligence and provide effective strategies to manage your stress.

Month #9: Dancing (12 hours — $120 + HST)

Dancing relieves stress, it's true!

There are a few scientifically proven reasons why dancing is so important — it provides a natural boost of energy, releases endorphins that alleviate stress, makes our bodies more flexible and our movements more expressive. Moreover, dancing helps us find ground, liberates us from concerning thoughts and intellectual pressure, and promotes self-acceptance and tolerance. Finally, it’s an opportunity to learn something new, have fun and get prepared for the certification gala.

This course is all about dynamic movements.

Extra-Curricular Activities

These 4 (one-time) activities will be conducted in front of a sizable audience at an IWB hosted events .

Activity 1: Stage Presence

Use your chance to interact with a real audience!

It is a perfect opportunity for our students to demonstrate their public speaking skills on the stage before a real audience. At this point, each student is required to complete all nine modules to prepare for their public performance.

Activity 2: Impromptu Speech

Take your confidence to the next level!

It is another unique opportunity to perform in front of a real audience. While on stage, each student will be allowed to present without any preparation. The strategies of impromptu speech will be practiced during their basic curriculum.

Activity 3: Competitive Debate

Present Better and Better!

It is an exclusive opportunity to participate in a live team debate in front of a real audience using a combined approach — preliminary preparation (the topic will be announced in advance) and impromptu.

Activity 4: Certification Gala

It's time to graduate!

During this one-time event, our coaches will award all our graduates with certificates and make their speeches about the new “rising stars”. Hors d’oeuvres will be served, and final victorious dancings will be performed…

Next Steps to Start Your Training

Follow the steps below to successfully enroll in the Program.

Step 1: Complete the registration form by filling in all your details.

Step 2: You will receive a call/email from our team member to confirm your spot in our Smart Hats Program.

Step 3: A link will be shared to your email to pay a non-refundable $135.00 ($120 + HST) enrollment fee, or click here to go to the enrollment page and complete your purchase now.

Step 4: After paying the enrollment fee, you will be successfully enrolled in the program.

Step 5: Follow instructions regarding your further training stages.

Leadership Purple: Months 1-3

Stage 1 of the Smart Hats Program includes three modules (three months) where you will master the skills of body language, self-confidence and storytelling modules. Cost for Stage 1: $406.80 ($360 + HST).

Leadership Green: Months 4-6

Stage 2 of the Smart Hats Program includes three modules (three months) where you will master the skills of acting, communication and personal image. Cost for Stage 2: $406.80 ($360 + HST).

Leadership Orange: Months 7-9

Stage 3 of the Smart Hats Program includes three modules (three months) where you will master the skills of public speaking, stress management and dancing. Cost for Stage 3: $406.80 ($360 + HST).

More Questions?

If you have any questions regarding participation and/or your suitability for the program, please do not hesitate to email us at