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Our online programs were created by Naira Velumyan, Founder of the Academy of Social Competency, Ph.D. in Psychology, Forbes Councils Member, Registered Psychotherapist, International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Etiquette Expert. The programs incorporate many years of accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge which Naira has successfully applied in her life and generously shares with her clients. Her main focus is to train people’s self-confidence, communication and relationship building skills.

As a certified specialist in Jungian Analytical Psychology, Family System Therapy, Psychodrama, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Therapy, Dr. Velumyan also provides offline one-on-one, couples, family and group psychotherapy.

Being the owner of a few businesses, and with vast experience in human resources management and anti-crisis counselling, Naira Velumyan coaches professionals and entrepreneurs in developing successful careers and growing their net-worth.

17 Courses
45 Students